Grant Programs

The MAR Foundation administers two grant programs from the REALTORS® Affordable Housing Fund:

Competitive Grant Program

The Competitive Grant Program offers an opportunity for non-profit organizations delivering housing related programs to Maine’s most vulnerable households to apply directing for the funding they need to meet the housing challenges of Maine households.

The MAR Foundation solicits proposals once each year from approximately 100 affordable housing organizations throughout Maine.  Typically, 25 –35 proposals are received for the Board of Director’s review. Since the first competitive grants were awarded in 1991, 253 grants have been distributed for a total of $1.2M.

In 2020, the Maine Association of REALTORS® Foundation awarded Competitive Grants of $10,000 each to five non-profit organizations.

2020 Competitive Grant recipient testimonials

In 2019, the Foundation awarded Competitive Grants of $10,000 each to five non-profit organizations.

2019 Competitive Grant recipient check presentations


Local Board Matching Grant Program

The Local Board of REALTOR® Matching Grant program supports REALTOR® Boards and Councils’ affordable housing program initiatives in the communities where they live and work.  The Program matches the money raised by local REALTOR® Boards and Councils who choose the recipient agency or agencies and performs fund-raising on their behalf.

The Maine Association of REALTORS® Foundation awarded $60,000 in Matching Grants to twenty-three local non-profit agencies in 2019.  REALTOR® Boards and Councils fund raised an additional $114,637 for the same non-profit agencies.

Since 1993, the Foundation has awarded $1.1 million dollars in Local Matching Program Grants to nearly 100 non-profit organizations that worked with local REALTOR® Board and Councils to improve affordable housing in their community.