Ethics & Arbitration Filing Process


This process pertains to REALTOR® Members Only: By joining a REALTOR® Association, real estate licensees voluntarily agree to abide by the National Association of REALTOR® Code of Ethics.  The NAR REALTOR® Code of Ethics imposes duties above and in addition to those imposed by law or regulation.

Review a copy of the NAR REALTOR® Code of Ethics
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Talk to the licensee and/or the Designated Broker First: Difficulties between real estate agents and their clients generally result from misunderstanding, miscommunication, or inadequate communication. Relay your concerns to the REALTOR® involved and/or contact the Designated Broker of the agency first, in an effort to resolve any problems with the transaction.


Ombuds are trained REALTOR® members who are familiar with the Code of Ethics and have volunteered to provide confidential, third-party assistance to help parties resolve misunderstandings and disputes. Ombuds can receive and respond to questions and concerns about a REALTOR® member’s business practice, can contact REALTOR® members to inform them that a client or customer has raised a question or issue, and can contact REALTOR® members to obtain information to assist the parties to move forward with communication toward conciliation.  Ombudsman FAQs. 


  • Offer guidance and resources for dispute resolution
  • Do not make decisions or determine right or wrong
  • Do not give legal advice

For more information about how to access Ombuds services, please contact the Maine Association of REALTORS®: 207-622-7501

If you are not satisfied and believe you have a grievance with a REALTOR® member, you may consider filing a complaint:


What the REALTOR® Association CAN and CANNOT do for a complainant:

CAN: A hearing panel of the REALTOR® Association can determine whether Articles of the Code of Ethics, expressly cited, have been violated. If a REALTOR® is found to be in violation of the Code of Ethics, the Hearing Panel will recommend sanctions commensurate with the offense and designed to educate the REALTOR® and improve the standard of practice.

CANNOT: The REALTOR® Association cannot determine whether the law or real estate regulations have been violated, cannot require REALTORS® to pay money to parties filing complaints, cannot award punitive damages for violating the Code, and cannot suspend or revoke a real estate professional’s license to practice real estate.


REALTORS® agree, as a condition of membership, to arbitrate contractual disputes (and specific non-contractual disputes) with other REALTOR® members as provided for in Article 17 of the Code. The most common contractual disputes between REALTORS® include disputes regarding cooperating compensation offered through the Multiple Listing Service. Parties will be offered voluntary mediation as part of the process.

Arbitration Information:

Please Call 207.622.7501 with REALTOR® Association Professional Standards Questions