Radon and Home Sales

Real estate transactions are the wrong time to find out that there is high concentration of a naturally occurring lung cancer inducing radioactive gas emanating throughout your home from under it’s foundation…(or maybe escaping from your drinking water!). If not for the pre-sale home inspections that are typically requested by prospective buyers, very few people would have ever heard of this invasive and harmful gas. Unfortunately, this is often the first time the house has ever been tested for radon. In Maine, (statistically) one out of three homeowners are then told that the home they have been living in for years (if not decades) has a radon level that is unhealthy and unacceptable to the buyers, who subsequently propose as a condition of sale, that a radon mitigation system is installed at the owner’s expense . This sometimes jeopardizes the sale of the property to the dismay of the owner, seller, as well as the real estate agents involved. To read more click here.