MAR Committees

MAR currently has 11 Committees that meet throughout the year to guide the Association's efforts on behalf of the membership.

Contract Review Committee
The purpose of the Contract Review Committee is to develop and revise the Association’s standard real estate forms and online contracts.

Public Relations Committee
The Public Relations Committee is responsible for coordinating MAR's Public Relations Programs including the Maine Open House Weekend and the Home Brew PR Campaign. The Committee also provides input pertaining to the usage of communication tools that support the mission, goals and objectives of the Association while maintaining a positive REALTOR® image. Those tools include (but are not limited to) the MAR website, Facebook page, Twitter account and MAR’s E-News. The Committee meets three to four times per year with additional meetings scheduled on an as needed basis.

Budget Committee
The Budget Committee consists of the President, President-Elect, First Vice-President, Treasurer (who also serves as Chairperson) and one member appointed by the President. Its role is to oversee the financial affairs of the Maine Association of REALTORS®, Inc. and to review and make recommendations for approval to MAR’s Board of Directors about the Association’s budget and policies.

Grievance/Professional Standards Committee
The Grievance/Professional Standards Committee is responsible for making determinations as to whether there is any validity to a complaint. In conjunction with modernization of license, the Committee will promote high educational and licensing standards for greater confidence from buyers, sellers and fellow licensees.

MAR Nominating Committee
MAR’s Nominating Committee reviews and recommends individuals to serve the Maine Association of REALTORS® in the capacity of President, President-elect, First Vice President and Treasurer.

Maine Listings Nominating Committee
Maine Listings Nominating Committee reviews and recommends individuals to serve Maine Listings in the capacity of President and President-elect.

Legislative Committee
The Legislative Committee is responsible for formulating public policy positions consistent with MAR's Policy Statement, advocating the REALTOR® objectives on proposed bills or regulations and, in doing so, informing members and lawmakers of the effects of such legislation on property owners and the real estate business. The Committee also encourages members to become involved with their local Representative’s and Senator’s. The Committee meets regularly during the legislative session (approximately 6-7 times a year).

Convention Committee
The Convention Committee’s purpose is to provide assistance to MAR staff in planning and producing the MAR’s Annual Convention. Such assistance primarily includes providing member input regarding Convention theme, programs, educational sessions and social events.

REALTOR® of the Year Selection Committee
The Award is presented annually to a REALTOR® nominated by their Local Board, then selected by the REALTOR® of the Year Selection Committee, the Committee is made up of past MAR REALTORS® of the Year. The Committee reviews all nominations, taking into consideration the member’s involvement in civic affairs and participation in local, state and national committees and their participation at MAR.

MREC Licensure Working Group
An Appointed working group that works with the Maine Real Estate Commission to decide on education policies and procedures that are beneficial to Maine REALTORS®.

RPAC Trustees
The RPAC Trustees encourage member participation in the entire RPAC process, raising funds as well as educating membership about the importance of submitting REALTOR® candidate questionaire forms for RPAC support to the RPAC Trustees for their consideration. They review Candidate Recommendations in order to make informed decisions about RPAC support for those candidates that will protect the real estate industry in Maine. Maine’s RPAC Trustees consider requests for RPAC support of candidates running for State or Federal level office. The Trustees typically meet four times per year. Membership is by appointment.

Website Redesign
The Website Redesign Committee is a 1 year Committee that has met to discuss the future of the new MAR website. The Committee reviews materials on MAR’s old site and other State sites to evaluate what seems to be useful andwhat may be most beneficial to have on MAR’s sites for all MAR members as well as consumers.