GRI Frequently Asked Questions

Revised February 2012

1. The courses do not need to be taken in any particular order. You must take all 6 modules or their equivalent (where applicable) to earn the designation.

2. There is no advance notification necessary to start the Maine GRI program – the only time you need to provide paperwork is when you complete all the modules.

3. You must take courses to complete the designation within a 6-year time period – starting from the time you complete any one module;

4. There is a one-module experience waiver: If you have been a Maine REALTOR® for at least 10 years, you may waive any one module of your choice.

5. Each equivalent noted must have been completed within a 6-year period to be eligible to count towards completion of that module; except the Association Broker courses (GRI-102) which must have been completed within a 10-year period.

6. Maine GRI modules and equivalents completed during the past 5-year period under the prior program are still valid, provided they are submitted within the timing required in the new program.

7. Each state has its own requirements for the GRI program, although each state operates its programs within the framework and total hours required by NAR. Any course or module you may have completed in another state may very likely not be eligible to count for full or partial credit of a Maine GRI module.

8. At the completion of all modules, proof of completion is sent to MAR using a completion form found at at the GRI link. MAR reviews the materials and if complete, sends you notice of the designation completion, including a pin and certificate.

9. If you’ve already completed GRI or are interested in course content only for educational purposes, you may take GRI courses just for CE credit or educational purpose.

10. You are not required to take these sessions in any order;

11. When you have successfully completed all six sessions, you will have earned the GRI designation;

12. Maine GRI is awarded for classes taken in the past through Tri-State or presently through Maine GRI. ABR and CRS courses that qualify may be taken through any sponsor;

13. Completion of the Associate Broker courses qualify for GRI-102, not solely obtaining the license.