The REALTOR® Lockbox system

As a home seller you depend on your real estate agent to market your property and get the greatest number of qualified buyer to call for an opportunity to see it.

By making it convenient for all real estate agents in your area to show your property to prospective buyers, Sentrilock’s REALTOR ® Lockbox helps maximize the number of showings while maintaining a detailed audit of everyone who has used the key stored in your home.

What is an Electronic Lockbox?

An electronic lockbox is a device that stores the key to your residence and is designed to be placed at your property while it is for sale. REALTORS® carry a smart card based electronic key that opens the lockbox, and each time they access your residence key an audit log in the lockbox records it.

Your listing agent will secure the lockbox to an exterior doorknob or metal porch railing so that other agents who wish to show your home can have convenient access to the key(s). Much like a bank ATM card, the system uses a dual authentication process, which means it requires something you have (the smart card electronic key) and something you know (a secret personal identification number or pin), so a lost or stolen smart card does not compromise the security of your residence key.

Features and Benefits

The smart cards use extremely secure encrypted data chips to prevent unauthorized access to the information they contain, thus preventing someone from copying it or making a counterfeit card. Additionally, each and every access to the lockbox’s key compartment is recorded in its secure memory which cannot be erased, even if the internal battery dies.

The electronic audit log in each lockbox makes sure every cardholder can be held accountable for their use of your key. Your agent can at any time provide you with a list of all accesses to your home – who and when-for the duration of the sales period.

By making it more convenient for REALTORS® to obtain your residence key, m,ore potential buyers can see your home. But unlike the older mechanical style lockboxes, the REALTOR® Lockbox system keeps an audit log of each person who has accessed they key. This provides your listing agent with more information to help them optimize the marketing of your home, which ultimately helps them sell your home faster.

The REALTOR® Lockbox system is being successfully used on more than 300,000 homes. Its features and performances are garnering praise from agents and homeowners alike as it provides fast, simple and audited access to residences in all cities through the country.