Promote Maine Open House Weekend

Start Spreading the News – 10 Easy Steps

Because of your efforts, buyers will be matched with sellers in Maine markets on Saturday, May 2 and Sunday, May 3 during the Maine Open House Weekend. Here are easy and simple ways use the promotional materials available from MAR ( to help make your May 2 and May 3 open houses a success:

  1. Place logos on all e-mails, websites and blogs. Add a line to your email signature and include the Maine Open House Weekend logo. Include links to open houses.
  2. Spread the word through your newsletters and postcard mailings.
  3. Write a personal letter to the editor. Your passion for the opportunities this campaign offers will shine through, and if they’re published, that’s valuable media coverage in a well-read section of the paper.
  4. Use email to connect with people, even media types. Send a short, to-the-point email to your sphere of influence, letting family, friends, clients and local media know about this effort. 
  5. Take advantage of social media. Facebook, Twitter and other social media networking sites offer a great way to quickly spread the word about events and activities. Maine Open House Weekend is a perfect topic for your real estate blog; if you don’t have one but know someone who does maintain a blog, enlist them to help you share the information.  Ask sellers to join you in promoting their open house on their own social media sites.  Give them the link to assist with that effort.  Consider sending an e-vite through free, online invitation programs.
  6. Provide information about Maine Open House Weekend to local community organizations (and media) that keep community event calendars, including your cable TV provider/local community channel’s event calendar and online community event calendars offered by local neighborhood groups.
  7. Talk it up. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell the parents around you the next time you’re waiting to pick up your child from lacrosse practice. Word of mouth is the best kind of free and credible advertising.
  8. Pick up the phone and call your local newspaper, radio stations and other media outlets. If you already know someone, like the local real estate reporter, even better.
  9. Change your voice mail message to include the date of and your participation in Maine Open House Weekend. Every time someone leaves you a message, they hear about it.
  10. Include the Maine Open House Weekend logo on ads you’re already running; or request free space in local publications.  

The main idea is to share this event with as many people as possible. We want to get everyone excited about bringing buyers and sellers together in one convenient weekend!