Mid Year and Hill Visits 2014

May 13-15, 2014

This year the House is not in session so we will be meeting with Senator Collins and Senator King only. Both meetings will be on Wednesday May 14th. Our meeting with Senator Collins will be at 1:00pm and our meeting with Senator King will be at 2:30pm. Both locations are yet to be determined.

Tuesday evening, May 12th there will be an optional dinner at RISTORANTE PICCOLO located in Historic Georgetown. Dinner reservations are at 7:00pm and the restaurant is roughly 2 miles from the Omni and Mariott Hotels. Please RSVP to Megan if you plan to attend. For details on Tuesday's dinner click here. 

Maine Night Out: Wednesday, May 14, 2014 
We will start at 6:00pm for Dinner at Open City Restaurant, located 1/10 of a mile from the Omni and Mariott Hotels. From their MAR President Angelia Levesque has requested a private tour bus to take Maine REALTORS on a night time tour of the Monuments in DC. This bus will pick everyone up at Open City and is ours for as long as we would like. Afterwards everyone will be dropped off at their individual hotels. For more details on Maine Night out click here. To register for Maine Night Out click here  and send registration to Megan