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If REALTORS® don’t shape their story, someone else will. It’s important that REALTOR® members discuss life in the buying and selling “trenches.” Sieze this opportunity to give your State Senator or Representative the knowledge they need to vote on issues that are important to you.

Impact of Single Existing Home Purchase in Maine
Maine’s Median Price $170,000

Real Estate Industries Related Industries
(Furniture / Gardening)
Remodeling within 2 
years of home purchase
Total Contribution to 
Maine’s economy
$16,182+ $5,647+ $3,792+ = $25, 621+

*Source: NAR

Home Ownership Matters

  • Homeownership benefits individuals and families, strengthens our communities, and is integral to our Maine’s economy.
  • We need to make sure that changes to current programs or incentives don’t jeopardize housing and the fragile economic recovery.
  • We need to encourage policies that promote responsible, sustainable homeownership.
  • Issues like the mortgage interest deduction, foreclosures and short sales, affordable financing and available credit don’t just affect people who own a home – homeownership shapes communities and strengthens the nation’s economy.

Value of REALTORS ®

  • REALTORS® have an understanding of local markets, home features and buyer preferences.
  • REALTORS® are trusted resources for real estate information and can help buyers navigate the home buying process.
  • REALTORS ® provide buyers with counsel, market data, strategies and negotiating skills. 
  • REALTORS® bring value to sellers by helping them effectively prepare, position, price and sell their home.