Maine Open House Weekend – May 2 & 3, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What are the dates and times of the open houses on Maine Open House Weekend? Saturday, May 2 and Sunday, May 3.  No one is required to hold open houses on both dates - you can do only Saturday or only Sunday (or neither) if that is your preference. The times for any open house are established by the company/agent of the open house. There is no set time for when an open house needs to be held.

2.  How do I include an Open House in Maine Open House Weekend?  The instructions for including a home for Maine Open House Weekend are the same instructions you use for any open house at any time: 

How to add an OPEN HOUSE in MATRIX MLS:

Click on My Listings from the Home screen.
Check the box to select the Listing you want and click Edit.
Then click on Open Houses from the Modify Listing screen
Fill in all yellow (required) fields –

  • Open House type (Public or MLS only)
  • Date
  • Time
  • Active (yes or no)

There is also an option to add a 120 character description.
You can click More to add more than one Open House to the same property.
Then – Submit Listing!

(Instructions with screen shots are located here.)

Note:  Any open house entered in the MLS automatically displays on and is also transmitted to for display on their site, unless the listing agent has excluded the listing from any display.

3.  Are there prize drawings?  No, MAR decided not to include prize drawings for open house attendees. Prizes did not improve the attendance of genuine interested buyers in the event.  However, there may be newspapers or others who offer prizes to agents for participating, but that would vary by area and publication.

4.  How is the Maine Open House Weekend being marketed to the public?  MAR will run online ads on the Bangor Daily News, Maine Today Media (Portland Press Herald, Kennebec Journal, Morning Sentinel) and the Sun Journal websites. In addition,MAR provided funds for each local board/council to make its own decision about how to best market the program locally, which could include purchasing print ads if that is the local decision. Several local boards/councils have either purchased advertising space in newspapers or asked local papers to donate ads to advertise the dates for Maine Open House Weekend. A few newspapers are also running their own promotions for companies and agents who purchase paid advertisements for open houses in their respective papers in conjunction with the event.  MAR is sending press releases to the Maine media. 

5.  Where can I get logos to place on my sites, listings, or promotional materials?  MAR has a number of logos and banner ads posted here for use in conjunction with your own individual ads, listing flyers, or promotional materials.

Please contact or with any additional questions.